Rod Bode
American Outsider Artist

Upcoming Exhibit
Collection of Original Artworks

Bode’s original paintings, sculptures, drawings and poetry will be featured in an upcoming exhibition of his work in late October of 2021 at Gallery Six13 in Rapid City, SD. This will be the first time the art world will be invited to see this publicly unseen, unrealeased work.

Rodney Bode is an American painter and sculptor whose life and art have remained outside the boundaries of culture. Born in 1941, and having lived most of his adult life in rural Idaho and South Dakota, Bode is an outsider artist whose vast collection of paintings and sculpture were only recently discovered after his institutionalization in the South Dakota state psychiatric hospital where he is being treated for schizophrenia. Bode will be 81 years old September, 2022.

The label ‘Outsider Art’ created by Jean Dubuffet in the 1940s, certainly describes Rod Bode’s prolific collections of paintings and sculpture. Created in the sparse rural areas in Idaho and the plains of western South Dakota, unseen by the public, Bode’s “self-taught” creations were certainly “produced beyond the boundaries of the mainstream art world.”